Estate Planning

Let Me Help You Plan Your Estate

The probate process can be avoided by very careful estate planning. This will save you money in administrative and court fees and will also protect the privacy of you and your heirs. This will also assure that your property will go where you want, to whom you want, in accordance to your wishes.

I Can Help You Avoid Probate

Although everyone should have a will, a will by itself doesn’t mean that you will avoid probate. Probate can be avoided with things like trusts, beneficiary deeds, pay on death or even transfer on death provisions. You may wish to designate someone to manage your financial affairs in the event that you become unable to do so for a variety of reasons. This can be accomplished through limited or general, durable or non-durable powers of attorney.

Rely on My Extensive Experience

You may also wish to designate someone to make health care decisions for you if the event that you enter a terminal state where there is no chance for recovery. This can be accomplished through a properly prepared and executed health care directives. I have extensive experience in this area, and I will answer all of your planning questions.
Estate Planning

Depend on Us for the Important Stuff

Along with everything listed above, you can also depend on us to take care of wills and living wills. Your needs are important to us and this is something that is very easy to take care of. Call us today to determine what your exact needs are.
Rely on me to help you through this complicated and confusing process. Call me today!
Make sure that a careful plan is put in place so that you get what you want. Caraker, John C. is there to help you.
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